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The world is on the move – and our business lines are supporting its transformation!

  • Construction

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  • Infrastructure & Civil Engineering

    Our core expertise in building engineering structures enables us to work on large-scale urban development projects and deliver mobility, energy, maritime and waterway infrastructure.
    The need for infrastructure and complex structures linked to the Grand Paris Express project and the Olympic Games, for instance, is generating strong growth in our civil engineering business. Cities want clean and ecological transport. They entrust us with large-scale underground works, where we demonstrate both our know-how and our capacity to forge partnerships with other groups. Our technical expertise in the field of energy also makes us a key player in securing and upgrading nuclear sites. In all these areas, we deploy innovative know-how and integrate new construction methods thanks to a central technical department tasked with design and finalization. Lastly, outside France, DEMATHIEU BARD works on major projects that help improve the daily lives of the people they serve.

    Quelques références Infrastructure & Civil Engineering


    With extensive expertise in design-build projects, general contracting, structural works and comprehensive projects such as overall performance contracts, we work on all types of design, build and refurbishment projects.
    This array of expertise and our dense geographical network lets us formulate effective solutions that meet the expectations of clients and project owners. By promoting constructive dialogue with public and private clients, we create the close relationships that are key to success. We are ramping up our efforts to advance sustainable construction through responsible and innovative solutions. In addition, we can today intervene across the entire value chain - from construction through to maintenance - and provide global solutions whatever the issues involved. This broad multi-sector approach gives us the cross-cutting expertise required to optimize our response to all types of operation, no matter how diverse or ambitious.

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    Alongside our construction activities, we have set up subsidiaries that complement our operations and are assets that create added value. They include precast products, electrical installations, technical equipment, maintenance and engineering.
    For instance, ‘heavy’ precast products (provided by our subsidiary CAPREMIB), which involves delivery of large precast elements (voussoirs or bleachers) to worksites, is a strength recognized as far away as North America. We also stand out for innovative know-how: fiber-reinforced concrete (our subsidiary TECHNOPREF) and architectural concrete (our subsidiary CIBETEC), together with expertise in industrial engineering (our subsidiary CHOVET DB2i). Lastly, SOCIETE DE MATERIEL DEMATHIEU BARD supplies all our locations with the equipment required by worksites. In close liaison with our different business lines, it invests heavily in upgrading its equipment inventory and in solutions that optimize management of each project (acquisition of concrete mixer plants, dedicated underground equipment service, etc.)

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    With multiple locations across France, Luxembourg and Germany, our Real Estate business fulfills emerging market needs and provides a comprehensive range of services related to housing, special purpose structures and complex urban projects.
    Today’s real estate programs combine public equipment (schools, sports or culture) and housing, and require us to orchestrate synergies and technical expertise bringing all our activities into play. Growth in this market is inspiring us to actively develop and reinforce our skills. Modular housing, aspirations in terms of shared use and co-living nourish our reflection and broaden the scope of our responses. Our preference goes to property operations that are ‘conceived around people’s lives and emerging trends’. And our capacity to integrate all the challenges of urban density, sustainable mobility, carbon neutrality and energy performance, alongside quality of life and social ties, makes us the sensitive and innovative partner that cities and regions need, more than ever, today.

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