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Five Values That Keep Us Buzzing and Growing

Every day, the men and women working for DEMATHIEU BARD use their technical expertise and ingenuity to serve innovation and success.

independence and sustainability

160 years of controlled growth prove it: it is a long-term vision that guides our strategy. Our development is long-term. The independence and sustainability of DEMATHIEU BARD are also the result of this ability that we cultivate to create value for all our stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, shareholders and even the company as a whole.


Our know-how is plural and constantly getting richer and more diverse. Our ability to innovate is accompanied by extreme rigour, as evidenced by the reliability of the working methods at all our sites. The environmental and societal dimensions of projects are our priority, wherever we intervene. Our know-how is highly technical but it is always expressed in a human and responsible approach.

new possibilities

“To undertake” is to never remain on one’s own or in one’s own comfort zone. It means developing a permanent curiosity, wanting to progress and accepting to constantly renew oneself, in order to expand its influence. It is by always tending towards these new possibilities that DEMATHIEU BARD, for 15 years, has enriched its range of expertise and quadrupled its turnover.

Adaptability / transversality

More than a century and a half of history proves DEMATHIEU BARD’s exceptional ability to adapt to changes in its markets and to seize every opportunity to develop new expertise. The growth of recent years also shows one of the Group’s strengths: it can mobilize all of its skills and know how to associate them in the context of joint projects, both in France and internationally.


It is impossible to intervene in the territory without facing considerable challenges. It is, therefore, a question of going out of the known processes, of experienced know-how, and of taking the part to innovate. This is how we develop these novel approaches, which are our expertise of tomorrow. Audacity is in the genes of women and men of DEMATHIEU BARD. It is their daily engine.

Values supported by our teams

DEMATHIEU BARD, it is a task force on all the French territory at your disposal



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