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The project to renovate and widen the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge carried out by TRALUX is part of an overarching program to build a new tramway line linking Findel airport and the southern section of the city of Luxembourg.

The bridge renovation and widening project participates in the LuxTram project by including a two-lane tramway line in the deck configuration. The new layout plans therefore feature two lanes of vehicle traffic in both directions, a two way double-lane tramway line on the north side, and sidewalks on the outermost edges of the bridge, widened for more comfortable passage of both pedestrians and cyclists.

Project owner : Ponts & Chaussées (National Roads Authority) – Civil Engineering Division Architect: Bureau NEY
Architect : Bureau NEY
Design office : TR Engineering


  • • Structure measuring 355 m in length (main span of 234.1 m between inclined legs) and 25 m in width
  • • Widening by 91 cm on either side – Stripping of bridge surface
  • • Injection resin used to replace the asphalt pavement and lighten the structure
  • • Bridge widened with new sidewalks on the north and south sides
  • • Installation of a tram platform
  • • Supports and roadway joints changed
  • • Structure reinforced with stiffeners (in caissons and supports)
  • • Existing paint removed and anti-corrosion coating (paint) fully reapplied


  • • Bridge transformation and adaptation
  • • Road works and network installation
  • • Repair work carried out while maintaining rail traffic

Key figures :

  • • Asphalt removal: 50 m3
  • • Concrete: 150 m3
  • • Steel for SPS and median : 567.8 metric tons
  • • Steel for footing reinforcement : 57.7 metric tons
  • • Steel for substructure reinforcement of sidewalks : 119.5 metric tons
  • • 30,000 m² of sandblasting, application of anti-corrosion coating and paint

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